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Seeking ad-hoc cleaners - sign up here
It's been more than a year since Buusagi's formation and we're glad to note that there has not been a case where we're short of scans to work on. However, as a small 3-member group, there are times when real life commitments take precedence and releases get delayed. We'd therefore like to open up the invitation for people who'd like to be a part of scanlation project, as and when extra help is needed to speed up releases.

Currently, we're looking for ad-hoc cleaners.

What exactly do you mean by ad-hoc cleaners?

If we have a project that we would like an extra hand to help with cleaning to speed up releases etc, we'll drop you a note to see if you're available to help. By "ad-hoc", you wouldn't officially be a part of Buusagi, but you also needn't be committed to take on cleaning for every project after signing up. Naturally, you'll be credited according to your contribution in the Credits page we attach with all our releases.

What is your definition of cleaning?

Turning raw scans into pretty black and white(/whatever in between necessary) pages ready for typesetting. This includes adjusting levels, cleaning gutter shadows, combining double spreads (art that spans across 2 pages) etc. (If you are confident with basic cleaning but uncertain about specific areas, please still feel free to sign up and just let us know by noting in your sign-up comment what you may not be able to do.) We don't typically translate sound effects unless the translator judges that they are important to the story, so we don't generally expect those to be cleaned.

What kind of scans will I be cleaning?

We are currently scanlating doujinshi for the following (ship, fandom):
Tales of the Abyss: Peony x Jade, gen
Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney: Phoenix x Edgeworth, gen
Please note that our scanlations may have an adult rating. Please do indicate if you are not of legal age.

Alright, how do I sign up?

Just fill in the following:
Contact method:
(email address, LJ PM etc)
Interested fandom and pairing(s) (if any):

I am of age and am willing to clean adult doujinshi (Y/N?): (yes/no)
Anything else?

Copy and paste the following: 
<b>Contact method:</b>
<b>Interested fandom and pairing(s) (if any):</b>
<b>I am of age and am willing to clean adult doujinshi (Y/N?):</b>
<b>Anything else?</b>

Feel free to ask here if you have any questions.
Comments will be screened.


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